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No odor is too tough for our qualified team

Our licensed and insured team has been helping out people like you for over 25 years.  While serving throughout Wayne and Monroe counties, our company has never backed down from even the most stubborn odors.


From pre-spotting and deodorizing to deep cleaning, our truck mounted steam extraction process can remove just about any odor. Get a FREE estimate on our services and you'll see why people continue to come to us for their odor removal needs.

Rid your carpet of pet odors today

Pets can be great and are always an important part of any family. However, there are some downsides and challenges that can include hard to remove odors. Let us take care of those

for you!

Many services

 •  Pet odors

 •  Pet Stains

 •  Pet deodorizers

 •  Protection available

Keep your carpet free of spots and stains

Odors are just one of your concerns when it comes to maintaining your carpet and furniture. You'll also want to promptly remove spots and stains when they occur. Call us for all the help that

you need.

Impressive odor removal

Impressive odor removal

Rid your carpet of odors for good

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